My Mission 

I am Catalyst for change Opening doors that give the tools needed to navigate life's journey Helping you arrive to your expected end, finding freedom in the process.  

Our Method

Release Your Mind

Guided meditation Helps us to quiet the mind by focusing on the breath while the thoughts pass through the mind. Observing and not absorbing allows the mind to rest.


I can help you develop the routine and hold your hand to incorporate it to your every day life.

Treat Your Body

Every day we take a shower we cleanse the body. We must also cleanse the spiritual body . When we do this, we treat the body by preventing any disease to manifest.


Cleansing and Balancing the chakras on the continuous basis allows for a clean mind and clean body.


I can use specific and tailored protocols to achieve this goal My areas of strength and experience are with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety and Psychological disorders. Self-Image, ADHD - ADD

Listen to Your Soul

Spiritual Path is a way to remembering what your soul came here to do. Active commitment to transformation is a beautiful offering to the collective.


I can guide you to discover that path by showing you the many tools you can access that sometimes can be challenging to see on our own.

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Weekly Meditations Via Zoom

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